Pheromones, Perfume & Cologne

Luz de la Riva
Lily' Intimate Pheromone Perfume Luz de la Riva is proud to bring you Lily Intimate Pheromone Perfume. This perfume offers a fresh and natural experience with a sophisticated design. This arousing fragrance offers your most sensitive areas an...
Classic Erotica
Crazy Girl Shimmery Diva Dust Tempt, tease, and tantalize with Crazy Girl Shimmery Diva Dust and watch lovers fall at your feet begging for you favors. It's perfect for Wearing for a night on the town or for a night at home with your favorite lover. //
System JO
JO Pheromone Deodorant A uniquely formulated deodorant that protects from odor while also attracting your match. This exceptional deodorant is formulated with a concentration of pheromones that rigger a rush of attraction within a matter of seconds,...
Max 4 Men
Max Attract Pheromone Cologne Sex Attractant for Him Made with cologne alcohol base for a lasting scent Provides each man his own sexual identity Perfect finishing touch for a wild, sexual adventure or anytime Bold, erotic masculine fragrance Mixes with...
System JO
JO Pheromone Body Spray JO Pherom[one] is a non-scented body spray designed to give you that extra edge, preparing you for night of fun, flirting and dating. Formulated with a precise concentration of high quality pheromones that can trigger a rush...
Classic Erotica
Love In Luxury Silky Sheets Pheromone Mist A range of amazing fragrances to choose from which create pure pleasure and sensuality when sprayed between the sheets. Refresh your bed linen to create sexual desires you only dreamt about. Enhance sex appeal...
Classic Erotica
Crazy Girl Sparkling Body Lotion Sexy shimmer is what you will achieve using this sensual body lotion. Your skin will reflect your feminine assets giving you the ability to focus on charming the partner of your dreams. Choose one of the refreshing scents...