Anal Fantasy One Finger Anal Plug

Anal Fantasy One Finger Plug - Side View

One Finger Butt Plug

Anal orgasms can be amazing things and deliver a shock of sensations as there are so many nerve endings in the area that make every pleasurable feeling all the more amazing. The Anal Fantasy Collection of butt plugs have amazing features that will bring stimulation and pleasure to each and every one of those nerves. Experience backdoor bliss like you have never experienced before!

Is anal exploration a new and unexplored world for you? Then the One Finger Fantasy Plug is the one for you as it was specially designed for beginners or as an addition to the collection of the more experienced players. Made of a high quality flexible silicone the plug will adjust to your movements and aligns to the body's contours.

Every package of Anal Fantasy butt plugs will come with a absolutely free! Take the bedroom passion to all new heights- starting tonight!


  • Flexible High Quality Silicone
  • 5-Piece Prep Kit Included

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