Air Airflow Cockring Oxballs Silicone/tpr Blend Black Ice


For when a heavy metal or leather cock ring is just too distracting, try the Air Airflow Cockring from Oxballs. The blend of silicone and TPR makes this ring so light and stretchy you'll barely know you're wearing it, but you definitely still enjoy the same plumping and sensitivity increases you get from wearing a ring. The streamlined design fits comfortably under clothing as well so there's no bulge or ridges to indicate that you're wearing one as you go about your day. Weighing just two ounces, this cock ring won't weigh you down while providing plenty of grip and stretch.


  • Made from a blend of silicone and TPR
  • Lightweight & stretchy
  • 12 evenly spaced air holes divert sweat and help avoid chafing
  • Sleek design for all day comfort

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight 2 ounces
  • Width 2.5-inches
  • Height 1.10-inches
  • Inner circumference 4.5-inches
  • Outer circumference 8-inches
  • Diameter 1.45-inches