Devol Cockring

Adrien Lastic Devol Cockring

The ultra-flexible Devol Cockring from Adrien fits snuggly at the base of any shaft to restrict blood flow for longer, stronger erections and improved stamina. The ring's flexibility lends to a comfortable wear and longer-lasting sex. Made from pure, premium silicone, the cockring's smooth, velvety skin makes it nice, soft to the touch and stimulating against even the most delicate skin. It is hypoallergenic and safe for use on the most sensitive skin. The Devol cockring's two forward-arching curved horns stimulates the clitoris, bringing the woman ultimate pleasure even as the powerful whisper-quiet bullet and single motor power the ring to tantalize her sweet spot.


Ultra-flexible fit

Two curved horns

Whisper-quiet bullet


Material: Pure, premium silicone

Single motor

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